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The Esteemed Sponsor Program
It is here that we honor our stalwart supporters - those who have kept the food bank glued together with their  committment to provide us with a stable source of income. Take a look back to 2002, and see how we've grown and who is still with us now.
In 2001, the food bank's cupboards were scantily stocked and much of that was out dated  cans and packages.  We had less than $1,000 in the bank. Donations for the past year had totaled only $2,500,  with CAFFREY's Restaurant donating $1,500 of the that. One other sponsor,  local attorney Art Stein,  was  also a steady contributor but despite their support, it became apparent that we'd have to discontinue the food bank program.
If we only had more sponsors, we reasoned, maybe we could keep the program going. Because despite our meagerand often inadequate  offerings, the needy came.
Many of them were the elderly, who might have to eat  tea and toast for dinner that last week if we were not there for them. Or parents unable to offer milk & cereal, peanut butter & jelly  or protein at  dinnertime to their children.
So we devised the "Esteemed Sponsor" program and via letters and fliers invited participation from those in the community who wanted to share their resources with those less fortunate.
Each sponsor commits to supporting one family for one year by contributing $20 monthly, or $240 per family. This enables us to  buy a $10.  food certificate to ShopRite  and $10 worth of supplemental food not normally collected in food drives.
The esteemed sponsors have increased from 13  in 2002, to 28 in 2003, 39 in 2004 and 47 in 2005.  Some make a commitment to donate $20 or more a month, others do it in one lump sum.
Many private citizen sponsors renew their committmen every month as part of our favorite group "the monthlies" (see below)
The client load also increased from 47  in 2001 to the present 150 families as we start off the year 2006 - so the esteemed sponsor program has become critical to the ability of the food bank to keep up with the needs of the families.
The Lacey Garden Club, in a program started by Dorothy Simon, takes up a collection at each meeting. They have sponsored two families for the last three years.
Caffrey's Restaurant, our first and only esteemed sponsor for several years, supported 10 famies last year. No matter how you do it, or for how much, your committment will  keep the food bank alive.
Three  esteemed sponsors took advantage of their employer's matching funds for charity programs to double their gifts. Check it out with your employer, even if you are retired.  Home Depot and PSE&G are two employers who match their employees and retirees donations.
Our goal? To have a sponsor for each and every family . And then to keep those committments going so that the food bank will remain solvent. 
Help us reach the goal. Spread the word. You'll feel good about yourself and by doing so will become a member of a very select  group of people .

A monthly committment by the following people will place them on the esteemed sponsor roll  for 2006.  Meet these kind, giving  people :
Vera Ailello
Ann Kish 
Lacey Township Garden Club
John & Bridget Lewis
Anthony & Judith Macaluso
Kenneth & Joyce McGowan
Clfiford & Audrey O'Neill
Cynthia Boylan-Pieja
Doris Piserchia
Shirley Schmidt
David & June Stohmetz
Glenn Christy

Esteemed Sponsors 2003

Shop Rite 
Caffrey's Restaurant
Fleet Bank
The Lacey Elks
Jersey Shore Pools 
Lacey PBA Local 238
The Lacey Garden Club
The Lacey Woman's Club
Arthur Stein, Esq
John Adams
Helen Dela Cruz            
Brick Wall Corp
East Coast Engineering 
Home Depot Corp
Vera Aillo
Doris Piserchia
Patricia Poyner
CNA Foundation
Dr. Dennis Novak
Philip & MaryAnn Czech          
John & Bridget Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mcgowan  
Anthony Macaluso 
Ann Kish
Mr & Mrs John Dale                 
Bruce & Cindy Janiuk
Anna & Tom Dorso
Lois Guthrie
Nancy Philp
Carole Zirpolo
Elizabeth Geiger
Lacey ShopRite
* * * * *
Dan Coleman & Bill Ellis, Caffrey's Family Restaurant
* * * * *
Lacey Elks Lodge
* * * * * 
Discovery Refuse Management
* * * *
Law Offices of Arthur Stein & Associates
Katherine Moser
Lois J. Guthrie Financial Services
Elizabeth Geiger
& Carole Zirpolo
The Lacey Garden Club
Vera Aiella
Lacey Township Employees Sunshine Club
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Erb
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Czech
*Rebecca Brown & Thomas Young
Jersey Shore Pools



Lacey Shop Rite
Robert Riggs-Riggs Charitable Trust

Vera Ailello
Astro Appliance, Ron & Marge Veltri
Richard Barglowski, Century 21
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Benvenuto
Douglas & Paula Blood (Blood Marine Services)
Brick Wall Corporation
George Broome
Century 21 Lacey Realty
Vncent & Claire Colonna
Glenn Christie
Philip & MaryAnn Czech
John & Iraida Dale
Barbara & Bonny D'Amato
Blase De Natale Jewelers
Discovery Refuse Management
Rosemary Dixon
Tom & Anna Dorso
Mr. & Mrs. James Flood
Forked River Tuna Club, Woman's Auxiliary
Forked River United Methodist Church
Elizabeth  Geiger & Carole Zirpolo
David & Dawn Giombetti
Richard Hauswirth & Sons
Mr. & Mrs. James Joyce
Ann Kish
Jim & Cheryl Knoeller
Lacey Day Committee
Lacey Elks Club
Lacey HS Cheerleaders & Football Players
Lacey Garden Club
Lacey Moose Lodge #1907
Lacey Shop Rite
Lacey Woman's Club, Evening Division
John & Bridget Lewis
Marion LIsoski
Anthony Macaluso
Kenneth  & Joyce McGowan
JoAnn Norton & James Joeriman
Dr. Dennis Novak
Nancy Philp
Doris Piserchia
Patricia Poyner
Dr. William & Carol Power
Prudential, Zack Realty
Byron & LInda Roe
Mike & Shirley Schmidt
Bill & Cheryl Shoemaker-Anchor Management
Silver Cloud Marina