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This program is operated by volunteers and depends entirely on food and monetary donations from the public and the business community. With the exception of filing fees & minimal office supplies, 100% of all donations go to buy food and food coupons for the clients of the food bank.
Effective as of  January 17, 2002, the State of NJ registered  us as a tax exempt non -profit corporation "Lacey Food Bank, Inc" Along with this we also were awarded tax exempt status with the IRS as provided for under Chapter 501(3) (c) of the tax code.
Lacey Food Bank, Inc. has seven trustees: Ms. Lois Guthrie, the proprietress of Lois Guthrie Financial Services; Attorney Arthur Stein;  Douglas E. Ruhlin,Resource Management Associates;   Ronald Tholen, local businessman (Lacey Marine) ;  Pastor Roy Minnix, Village Lutheran Church;  Pastor Terry Chapman, Forekd River Presbyterian Church and Reverend Linda Applegate, Forked River United Methodist Church. Ms. Guthrie also  serves as the registered agent of the food bank, maintains the checking account, which requires two signatures, and files all necessary forms with the State of NJ and the IRS.  
 The Township of Lacey receives  all donations made out to Lacey Food Bank Inc., which are then put in a separate checking account just for the use of the food bank. The township also provides the program with space and the maintenance of that space,  in the old MUA building on the corner of Station Dr. and Parker St. This is where the food is stored and the monthly distributions are held.

Eligibility is based on income and varies according to the size of the family. Clients must be Lacey residents.PAAD card holders, WIC enrollees and food stamp recipients are automatically eligible as well as low income families. Clients can register during the annual registration day, which this year is April 20th, or at any time by contacting the chairman or the township administrator's office. Proof of income is necessary.

The program currently serves *131 needy families with 334 people within those families. Many are elderly, living on minimal incomes, the rest are low-income families with children. Our distribution day is the third Friday of each month. Each family receives two bags of food and a $10.00 food certificate for ShopRite . Larger size packages are given to the families with "your choice" items offered. This enables them to get through the rest of the month with some food on the table.

Food is also available on an emergency basis for those in critical need at any time of the month, with those recipients calling the administrator's office or the chairman.

The food is collected during food drives conducted in conjunction with participating groups or organizations throughout the year. The Rotary Club for example, provides us with holiday dinner baskets including turkeys at Thanksgiving. We also have an ongoing food collection via the big blue can placed at the inside entrance to ShopRite.

We are aligned with the Monmouth-Ocean Food Bank and can purchase pantry food and government surplus at a low or no  cost from them.
*This count varies, with the highest numbers being in cold weather when seasonal employment ends, heating costs kick in, and illnesses occur with medication taking over the  household budgets.