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"A New Jersey Community Caring...By Sharing"

Most of us in Lacey partake from a cornucopia of bounty. Who reading this will go to bed hungry tonight? But left behind in the last few decades of growth and prosperity are the poor who know very well what it is like to be hungry. Many are the elderly, living on miniaremal social security. For them, crucial decisions include whether to heat their home, pay for a prescription, or eat.

The rest  are low income families, single mothers, and always the children.

For this reason, the Lacey Food Bank Program exists. No one in today's affluent society should have to go to bed hungry. We shall continue to reach out and find these people, to offer them substenance, to show that we care by sharing.

Won't you join us?

 We encourage community involvement with the food bank. From organizations  -   service & fraternal to school and civic groups, there is a role for you. Help us see that no-one in Lacey goes to bed hungry....

To contribute to the food bank, make a check out to the Lacey Food Bank, then mail it to:

The Lacey Food Bank, c\o The Administrator's Office, 818 W. Lacey Rd., Forked River, NJ 08731

As a 501(3)C non profit corporation, your gift to us is tax deductible and you will receive a written acknowledgement, as well as being noted on our "Thanks and ..... " page on this web site.

Our primary need is a stable, ongoing  source of income. Currently we serve 150 families with a total of  368 recipients within those families  including  89 seniors & 178 children . To continue in a meaningful way requires  raising at least $36,000 annually, assuming an expediture of only $20 per family monthly. 

By the end of  2004 our goals were nearly realized , so by holding public information\fundraising events thru;ghout the year,  we hope to insure the continuation and success of the program by enlisting more sponsors and encouraging more donations.We will continue to solicit this support via mailings and publicity.
Individuals in Lacey and surrounding communities have responded magnificently, many becoming esteemed sponsors by contributing $240 to support one family for a year . To learn more about the esteemed sponsor program, turn to that page on this website.
Food drives held by us  at ShopRite via the big blue can, and other drives held by civic groups, schools,  local busninesses, the US Postal service and the Boy Scouts,  provide basic canned and packaged foods, but money is needed to purchase nutritional supplements to the program.
Each client receives a food coupon for ShopRite to buy fresh food such as milk & bread. We increased the amount of this coupon from $5.  to $10.00, a long overdue move. This was made possible through 2003 by a grant  of $5,000 from  Ocean First Bank.
Throughout the year emergency food supplies are provided for those in desperate need . During the winter months the need is greater, due to seasonal unemployment and high heating bills.

The Township of Lacey generously provides the food bank with space and the maintenance of that space, so with the exception of filing fees, minimal office supply expenditures & printing,  all donations received are used to buy food and food  coupons for the clients of the food bank.


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